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Have You Ever Considered Racing?

By David Lightfoot | February 26th, 2023
PRO3 Cars RacingPRO3 Cars Racing

For the HPDE driver there often comes a point where they ask – “why don’t I try racing?” We think it’s useful for the HPDE community to ask what their role is in answering that question for their drivers and likewise it’s useful for the Racing community to ask how they can promote HPDE as the next step for car enthusiasts who want to get out on track.

We’ve spent some time trying to create resources for potential racers as well as trying to brainstorm those win-win conditions that generally strengthen PNW Motorsports. With BMW CCA as an ICSCC affiliate we’ve speculated about what we can do together to promote PNW Motorsports.

For those who want to explore further there are good resources at:

Frequently Asked Questions — PRO3 (pro3-racing.com)

A guide to getting on Grid - International Race Drivers Club (irdc-racing.com)

International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (icscc.com)

We also urge you to attend the tech session at 425 Motorsports on March 25th. Among the speakers will be PRO3 racer Daniele Hovington, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Daniele Hovington, #91

Racing since 2011


John Houlihan, #287

Racing since 2022


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