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Learn and improve your car handling skills in a safe and fun environment.


Each exercise is designed to focus on a specific car control skill. Participants will be coached at the beginning and end of each run, providing useful feedback. Participants will learn to engage the ABS
system and improve their skills in controlling their vehicle. The exercises are:

  1. Emergency braking.
  2. Emergency braking on a curve.
  3. Slalom.
  4. Wet skid pad.
  5. Autocross (a small course defined by cones).

All activities take place on a flat paved area with instruction provided.
We run in all weather conditions.


  • No special equipment required (no helmets).
  • No tech inspection required.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must be a BMW CCA member.

Typical Schedule

Arrive early so you have time to get yourself acclimated. You need to empty all loose items from your car. If there is a chance of rain, bring plastic bags or bins for the items you remove from your car.

There will be a mandatory Zoom Ground School led by the Chief Instructor the week before the Car Control to review the program, goals, exercises and to answer any instructors.

8:00  Registration and Check-In

8:45 Drivers’ Meeting—the day’s activities will be discussed.

9:00 Run Exercises

Lunch Optional - Parade laps of the race track following an instructor. Helmets are not required and speeds are moderate

1:00 Run Exercises

2:00 Optional -   Borrow a helmet and take a ride with Instructors on the track at speed.

2023 Car Control Dates

  • Friday April 14 at Pacific Raceways
  • Friday May 19 at Pacific Raceways
  • Friday June 16 at Pacific Raceways
  • Friday August 18 at Pacific Raceways

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