Driving Programs

Driver Education

Driver Education Programs

Welcome to one of the best driving programs in the Northwest! Our club has a proven program that continues to exceed our member’s expectations. Our events are well known as being great events that are well structured, safe, and fun.


The Puget Sound Region chapter has provided High Performance Driving events at Pacific Raceway and other tracks for more than 40 years. We have a very good safety record and an experienced corps of experienced volunteer Instructors. Track events have long been a part of the Club experience; so much so that track driving is really part of the Club’s DNA.


For members, these events provide the rare opportunity to drive your BMW in a manner that simply isn’t possible under normal circumstances. Driving your BMW on a racetrack, with expert supervision and in a safe manner is simply an opportunity not to be missed. Yes, we drive fast and it will be a thrill. But you won’t be pushed and you really will have the time of your life. Why did you buy your BMW? It is, after all, the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Our Values

  • Safety -First and foremost.
  • Fun
  • Educational - Improving skills on and off the track
  • Welcoming - Friendly and casual.
  • Approachable
  • Inclusive - Open to all members, skills, cars.

We offer two types of programs -

  1. Car Control Clinics (CCC) which teach the basics of car handling and dynamics in a large parking lot. This is great for defensive driving practice and is a prerequiste for:
  2. High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) which allows you to drive your car on the race track with an experienced instructor while building driving skills at high speeds.

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