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2022 Lake Chelan Wine Tour

By Dave Cohen | October 29th, 2022
Lake Chelan VineyardsLake Chelan Vineyards

This was the fifth tour for Diana and me – and our second wine tour. What a great time with a great folks joining. Sadly, it was the first tour not in our E24 M6 – we didn’t want to run it through the fire zone as it predates useful air conditioning and cabin filters.

Greg Smith, our leader, started the tour at Giordano’s Vintage Motors in Carnation. Its either a dream collection of cars and auto memorabilia or an infernal dusty collection. Jim, the proprietor shared his space with us and talked about some of his interesting restorations and restomods. He’s in the midst of an E9 restomod which unfortunately wasn’t in the shop at the time, so instead we saw a slide show of its progress. It will be a neat car when complete.

Greg Explaining the tour route at Giordano’s Greg Explaining the tour route at Giordano’s Greg explaining the tour route at Giordano’s while we were all hyped up on donuts and coffee.

We then headed off towards US2 driving through the Bolt Creek Fire zone – smoke, char,and downed trees. A spirited drive up Steven’s Pass and breaking through to Leavenworth for a quick but filling lunch, we then continued on through Wenatchee for a gas stop in Entiat. So many BMWs and where to park? In front of six Tesla charging stations of course. What, it’s the middle of no-where and we haven’t seen a Tesla since leaving the Sound.

ICEing Tesla SuperchargersICEing Tesla SuperchargersICEing Tesla Superchargers

But hold on a minute – as we were ICEing the station (Internal Combustion blocking electrons), a Tesla pulls up wanting access. And his reaction was unprintable. Actually, he turned out to be a really nice fellow from LA who was suffering a severe bout of range anxiety. We graciously went on our way on to Chelan over the mountains to a terrific view of the lake basin winding down to the shore.

ICEd Tesla DriverICEd Tesla DriverICEd Tesla Driver

A tasting stop at Tsillan Cellars at the shore where many of us would return the following evening for a Tuscan inspired dinner. They set up a private tasting area on the lawn where we all enjoyed a break from the drive and wallowed in the Eastern Washington sun.

Lake Chelan at Sunset from Campbell’s ResortLake Chelan at Sunset from Campbell’s ResortLake Chelan at Sunset from Campbell’s Resort

After checking in at Campbell’s Resort, we met for our next wine tasting at Lake Chelan Winery with a BBQ feast in the vineyards. Pretty good ribs and fixins - at least by Washington standards say our Q experts. Now if only they had a spicy rub and sauce or rib-tips. Afterwards, the entire resort community was treated to a patriotic trumpet medley from our own Mark Baker to roaring applause.

BBQ in the Vineyards at Lake Chelan WineryBBQ in the Vineyards at Lake Chelan WineryBBQ in the Vineyards at Lake Chelan Winery

We started Saturday with a 10:00 wine tasting at Tipsy Canyon, an appropriate name for the first of several tastings that day. We went on to our 11:00 stop at Succession Winery followed by lunch and more wine at Benson where we were greeted with a unique and mellow cover band, so many of us stayed on and missed our 1:30 tasting. Who says day drinking ended with the pandemic?

Vineyards at Benson WineryVineyards at Benson WineryVineyards at Benson Winery

Dinner was on our own, but many migrated back to Tsillan Cellars. Back home the following day or on to our own adventures. Diana and I drove on to Tri-Cities to see our daughter and check in on the harvest on Red Mountain where she works as a winemaker. 2022 is going to be a great year from what we tasted in the new ferments and in barrel.

Come join one of the many tours the Club runs each year – beautiful places, interesting roads, wonderful people and well-organized tour leaders. Oh, and an interesting BMW or two. See our events page in 2023 as the tours and dates are announced. We expect two wine tours – possibly to a new location in the spring as well as our normal scenic trips. And you never know who you might meet. Diana met her current business partner on our first tour four years ago.

Thanks to Greg and the Tours team for making this a most enjoyable club activity.

--Dave Cohen

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