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President's Letter February 2022

By Andy Wiest | February 1st, 2022
Club President Andy Wiest's New CarClub President Andy Wiest's New Car


Welcome to 2022! As I write this, I am still waiting on delivery of our new-to-us 2018 X5D due to a “stop sale” recall issue, which of course doesn’t have a repair kit available ... sigh. Look for an upcoming article on the topic.

In any case, “Waiting” was a good theme overall for both this time of year and this time in history. If there is anything the last two years have taught us, one big one is P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. We are all waiting on a lot of things.Waiting for our X5.Waiting for winter to be over. Waiting to be done with masks ... again. And waiting for club events to begin in earnest!

The good news is that we are going to pursue even more events this year than last year. We have a full track season and tour season coming up, as well as a ramp-up in tech and social events. We are also improving our outreach and plan on setting up a number of smaller events at local BMW-related businesses around our region ... so stay tuned!

Speaking of waiting, have you noticed that bmwpugetsound.com hasn’t been updated in a while? Like it’s almost defunct? Well ... it actually is. We are moving on from an old, outdated backend software infrastructure to something that promises to be agile and much faster to navigate. I expect it will go live by the end of February 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for our pending Z-Mail (the new ATS email!) on the topic. We’d really like your feedback on what you think of the new website.


Also, if you look, you will notice a new club logo being used. It looks suspiciously like the old one but it will be the only authorized one going forward. So, all your old swag is “vintage” and “collectible” now and you’ll need new.

Finally, I am pleased to introduce your new board for 2022. Thank you to everyone for volunteering!

President – Andy Wiest

Vice President – Dan Bodnar

Secretary – Karin Louter

Treasurer – Dave Cohen

Driving Events Coordinator – Steve Libby

Road Tours Coordinators – Greg Smith/Ed Walker/Phil Sanders

Co-Chief Driving Instructors – Dave Cohen and Steve Libby

Interim Tech Events Coordinator – Karl Freese

Registrar – Tammy Wiest

Membership Chairman – Archie Ferguson

Technology Coordinator – Evan Kohout

Online Media Coordinator – Steve Libby

Social Media Coordinator – Christian Bouchez

Editor-in-Chief – David Lightfoot

Outreach and Advertising Coordinator – Tom Pendergast

Special Interest Group leads:

E30: James Crivellone

24: Paul Melrose

M-Car Day:Dan Bodnar

Burgers and BMW’s: Steve Libby

And a fond and thankful farewell to Paul Melrose after a 10-year stint as our club’s Secretary!Thank you, Paul.And welcome aboard to all our new and continuing board members.

mit besten grüßen!,

Andy Wiest

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