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BMW Behind the Scenes

By David Lightfoot | February 14th, 2024
BMW by Design by Steve SaxtyBMW by Design by Steve Saxty
Book set in SlipcaseBook set in SlipcaseThree-book set

You may have seen references to or reviews of BMW Behind the Scenes by Steve Saxty. BMW Blog, Car and Driver and Road & Track have all covered this three-book set. BimmerLife has had ads for the book set but no other information.

I’ve done a thorough review for Roundel, but it will probably be April before you see that. The books themselves are to be shipped in the next few weeks and there is a free shipping launch offer being offered. With the weight of the books, free shipping is a good deal.

For my review I was provided with advance copies of two of the three books and previewed the third with the author by Zoom. I can tell you that you are going to want these books, as they are probably the best things ever published on BMW.

There are 1500 sets, and the three-book set is about $300 but, if anything, they are underpriced. You probably want to get your order in before they sell out: BMW by Design | Author Steve Saxty.

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