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BMW Clubs The Book

By David Lightfoot | November 8th, 2023
Book about all the BMW Clubs in the WorldBook about all the BMW Clubs in the World

During 2022, the BMW Clubs International Council along with BMW Group Classic, published a book about all the BMW Clubs in the world. The book, creatively titled, BMW Clubs The Book, is five pounds, full color, 318 pages, and features a few BMW CCA chapters, including the Puget Sound Region. I happened upon a copy on a used book site and bought it, but I haven’t been able to locate another copy.

However, you can have your own PDF copy to view, which is cheaper and a lot lighter. Have a look at page 54 for our chapter.

I think you’ll be amazed at the number and variety of BMW Clubs worldwide. Besides the geographic chapters for cars and motorcycles, there are vintage clubs and plenty of type clubs which focus on a particular model or other interest. There are plenty of beautiful photos plus the color logos of every recognized BMW Club in the world.

--David Lightfoot, Editor-in-Chief

BMW Clubs The Book

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