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Sirius Aviation and BMW

By David Lightfoot | June 23rd, 2024
Hydrogen-powered VTOL JetHydrogen-powered VTOL Jet

Swiss aviation startup Sirius Aviation AG has introduced the Sirius Jet, dubbed the world’s first hydrogen-powered VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft. The innovative jet is co-designed by BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group. Since it is powered by hydrogen, the VTOL aircraft is poised to produce zero emissions during the entire flight. On June 20, 2024, Sirius Aviation unveiled the ground-breaking Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System with the first public ignition.

Front view close-up.Front view close-up.The Sirius Jet looks like nothing else.

The Sirius Jet is expected to take flight in 2025 and in two versions: the CEO-Jet is tailored to business jet needs while the Adventure Jet is meant for travel to places previously unreachable. Sirius Jet’s hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft aims to generate high-performance and zero-emission VTOL flights propelled by a hybrid hydrogen-electric propulsion system.

Interior view.Interior view.The cabin is plush, as one would expect.

The Business version features a mile-flight range of up to 1,150, a cruise speed of up to 323 miles per hour, an altitude capability of 30,000 feet, and a quiet noise level of 60 dBa. The BMW-designed Sirius Jet has 28 ducted fans, each ducted fan is driven by its own electric motor.

Travel version.Travel version.The Adventure version features floats.

For the design of Sirius Jet that Sirius Aviation, BMW’s Designworks, and Sauber Group joined forces to adopt the jet aerodynamics of both airplanes and helicopters. The hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft is set to be equipped with an airframe parachute system which can allow the passengers to be protected from incidents and minimize any accidents.

From the back. From the back. The rear view shows the distinctive V-shaped tail.

The VTOL aircraft comes with a fuel tank that can assist the extended flight distances. The combination can allow for a range of up to 1,150 miles, which can exceed the capabilities of fully electric eVTOLs set at 150 miles, maximum. Along with the unveiling of Sirius Jet, Sirius Aviation AG announces its partnership with BMW Group’s Designworks, Sauber Group, which is renowned for its Formula 1 works, Alfleth Engineering AG, and ALD Group.

Front viewFront viewThe aircraft features 28 ducted fans.

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