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The 2025 M4 GT3 and GT4 Evos

By BMW Press Release | May 30th, 2024
Badass BimmerBadass Bimmer

On May 29, 2024, at the Nürburgring, BMW M Motorsports introduced the 2025 customer race cars, the M4 GT3 EVO and the M4 GT4 EVO. These, as the names suggest, are evolutions of the current customer race cars. The cars have been developed by BMW M using their paid factory drivers. The emphasis was on making the cars easier to drive over long stints and to make the cars easier on their tires. The goals were better drivability, efficiency, and reliability.

Rear view.Rear view.The view of this car most will see.

While intended for professional racing series worldwide, these sound like they would make terrific track day cars. Afterall, the dry weight is under 3,000 pounds and the horsepower is about 590, making for about five pounds per horsepower. Do the math and the right side of the equation comes out Badass Bimmer.

Front view.Front view.The front view looks all business.

Certainly, some of you software engineers have been putting up with the pesky Porsche GT3 RSs in Group 1 at track days, while also suffering from an excess of funds. Thank you, BMW M, for addressing both these maladies with this pair of offerings.

Side view.Side view.The side view shows the perfect proportions.

Now for just 578,000 euros, you can order an M4 GT3 or GT4 EVO for delivery before the 2025 season! Hurry, the line is forming.

Two race cars.Two race cars.One of these is the M4 GT3 EVO and the other is the M4 GT4 EVO.

Bring it out to a chapter track day and we’ll try to find an instructor brave enough to give you a check-out ride.

Factory driver Jens Klingmann explains the updates to the BMW M4 GT3 EVO: https://b.mw/M4_GT3_EVO.


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