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Two BMW Magazines to Consider

By David Lightfoot | March 13th, 2024
New BMW MagazineNew BMW Magazine

Can’t get enough BMW news? You might consider two new BMW magazines.

Werke Magazine

Werke Magazine was founded in 2023 and has published three quarterly issues so far. They are impressive. The publication was founded by a young man named Will Beaumont, who is experienced in the periodicals industry and is doing this as a passion project. He is self-funding it and doing a great job so far.

The magazine is perfect bound, 146 pages, and has extremely high production values, with heavy paper and beautiful photography. The articles tend towards less time-sensitive topics, which makes sense for a quarterly. You’ll want to save these rather than discarding them after you’ve read them.

Werke isn’t cheap at £95 a year. Much of that is the postage to get these heavy magazines to the US from the UK, where Werke is based. I’d urge you to take a look. The back issues are available, so you might want to buy one or more of those and see what you think. Here is their website:




This is pitched as a new magazine presented by BMW. I stumbled across it at some point and bought the first issue, which was Fall 22/Winter 23. So far Issue No. 1 is the only issue.

The pitch is that “FREUDE.FOREVER is a symbol of innovation and creativity, breaking new ground in the world of storytelling, always looking for new ideas and eager to learn from the best. The people behind the stories love progress and find solutions for both the big and small challenges of our time. They roll up their sleeves to improve the world we live in and take responsibility for it, leaving readers inspired and motivated to seek out a better future.”

Let me translate that for you. This is BMW-weirdness at its weirdest. There is almost nothing about cars. It is artsy with articles about fashion, cooking, our senses, and some stuff I don’t even know how to describe. Just weirdness from start to finish.

If you’d like to buy the first (and probably only) issue, go to: FREUDE.FOREVER – a new magazine presented by BMW | BMW.com

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