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The Wundercar Collection

September 11th, 2022 | about 1 monthLast updated: August 4th, 2022
The four E3s from the Wundercar CollectionThe four E3s from the Wundercar Collection

The Wundercar Collection will be one of the highlights of our 50 + 2 celebration, coming up September 11 at LeMay—America’s Car Museum. Read on for more about this terrific collection of BMWs.

In 1968, BMW introduced the 2500, the first version of what BMW aficionados call the E3. It was a four-door, luxury car, at the top of the model range in 1968. Its contemporaries were the E9 Coupe, one of BMW’s greatest beauties, the New Class sedan, which had been introduced as the first truly modern BMW in 1962, and, of course, the ’02 series of smaller, two-door sedans, the 2002 being the most popular model in the ’02 range.

The owner of the Wundercar Collection, a successful lawyer from Frankfurt, has a special interest in the E3, which evolved from the 2500, to the 2800, the 3.0SSi, and finally the 3.3L/Li, although the latter was never sold in the U.S. Most Americans remember the E3 as the Bavaria, a special version for the American market. From 1968 to 1977, about 190,000 E3s were built.

Our hero here, Dr. Christian Zschocke, is clearly a man of taste, style and means. His ‘palette’ is the BMW E3, and so far, he has created four works of art, plus related models, books and even commissioned a piece of music to accompany his, well, wunderbar group of BMWs called the Wundercar Collection.


This is the first in the series and the theme is art. German artist Heiner Meyer was commissioned to create the design. His inspiration was the year of production of the car: 1969. Thus, the Pink Panther, the moon landing, and other topics from that time. The design was applied by Walter Maurer, who has done most of the BMW Art Cars.


The Inka is named after the shade of orange used by BMW in this era. Perhaps orange is a rather bright color for a formal sedan, but this is a BMW after all.

Racing: THE GROUP 1

And if sporty wasn’t enough, The Group 1 is a racing version of the E3. Again, in orange, but stripped down for racing but with a roll cage added. The Group 1 emphasizes the vehicle dynamics of the car. After all, every BMW is a race car.


Perhaps the most ambitious of the Collection, so far, is the California. Extensive bodywork has created a two-door open car that is so well executed, it looks factory original. It really is stunning. It is an ‘open car’ because there is no convertible top, hard or soft. When driving the California, the occupants are open to the elements. Which is largely the point of the car.

There is a fifth car in the works, but we’ll let Christian tell everyone about it when he speaks at our 50 + 2 Celebration at LeMay—America’s Car Museum, on September 11, 2020.

While at 50 + 2, you’ll want to buy discount Museum tickets (only $10) and visit the Wunderbar Collection as well as the other exhibits.

To learn more about the Wundercar Collection before you see them, you can visit the website: There is even the music that Christian commissioned.

There are also plenty of terrific videos on YouTube; just search for E3 Wundercar Collection.

Most importantly, make a reservation to show your BMW on September 11th, attend the 50 + 2 Celebration, and share in this special experience. Register here:

David Lightfoot, Event Chairperson



Sunday September 11th, 2022


5:00 PM


7 hours



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LeMay--American's Car Museum


2702 East D StreetTACOMA, WA



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